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Dual Purpose Siphon

Dual Purpose Siphon
Dual Purpose Siphon - $28.99
22 inch long, 3/8 inch diameter stainless racking cane
Ready to use out of the box
Simple to use and easy to sanitize
Durable stainless steel and silicone rubber construction
How It Works
How To Use

(Patent Pending)

Are you tired of wasting money on siphons that break, leak, clog easily, or oxidize your beer and wine? Do you want a worry-free way of siphoning your latest batch without the hassle of contamination?

The Dual-Purpose Siphon is a durable, simple, and effective solution that can also be used to aerate wort or must during the initial transfer to a fermenter. Dissolved Oxygen is proven to improve yeast health and fermentation quality. The Dual-Purpose Siphon will help every brewer improve their beer and wine. Made from high quality stainless steel and silicone rubber, the Dual Purpose Siphon is simple to use, easy to sanitize, and highly temperature resistant. Eliminate the mess and significantly improve your next batch, today!

Works with any container or kettle up to 22 inches deep
22 inch long, 3/8 inch diameter stainless steel racking cane and silicon tubing
Check valve to draw liquid without allowing air to enter
Easy disassembly for quick sanitation
Will fit any size container

The Dual Purpose Siphon uses patent pending technology to transfer liquid from one container to another. The siphon includes a check valve that allows the user to draw liquid into the siphon without risk of contamination. Once established, the siphon is leak free and can be used to transfer liquids at any stage in the brewing process. The Dual Purpose Siphon can be used to aerate wort as it is transferred into a fermenter. Dissolved Oxygen is critical in the early stages of fermentation and the Dual Purpose Siphon will help every home brewer improve their products.

Sanitize the siphon using your normal procedure.

Insert the stainless steel racking cane into your container. Pinch the outlet tubing closed below the three way fitting and raise the tube to approximately eye height. Use your mouth to draw suction on the ¼" silicone tube that is attached to the outlet of the check valve. The check valve is oriented so air can be drawn out of the siphon, but air cannot go into the siphon.

Draw a column of liquid up into the raised siphon tube, up to the three way “Y” fitting. Continue to pinch the tubing closed while you lower the outlet tubing and insert into the destination container. Release the tubing and liquid will start flowing.

Dual Purpose Siphon - Step 1 - How To Use
Dual Purpose Siphon - Step 2 - How To Use

If you are transferring wort or must that needs aeration, remove the check valve from the ¼" line. Air will flow into the ¼" line and will mix with liquid in the "Y" fitting.

Dual Purpose Siphon - Step 3 - How To Use
Dual Purpose Siphon - Step 4 - How To Use

If you are using the siphon with a bottling wand, insert the wand before starting the siphon using the same instructions. A standard 3/8” o.d. bottling wand will fit securely into the 3/8” i.d. outlet tubing.

The Dual Purpose Siphon may be used to move fermented beverage directly into a Cornelius Keg. Use a liquid post connection with a 3/8” barbed fitting attached to the discharge end of the siphon. Fill the siphon as described above and connect the liquid post connection to the keg outlet fitting once the siphon is charged with liquid. As liquid is transferred, release pressure on the keg to keep the siphon moving.

Dual Purpose Siphon - Media 2 Dual Purpose Siphon - Media 3 Dual Purpose Siphon - Media 4
Dual Purpose Siphon - Thumbnail 1
Dual Purpose Siphon - Thumbnail 2
Dual Purpose Siphon - Thumbnail 3
Dual Purpose Siphon - Thumbnail 4

What Makes the Dual Purpose Siphon Better?

The siphon ships complete with silicone tubing – ready to use out of the box
22 inch long, 3/8inch diameter durable stainless steel racking cane
Simple to use and easy to sanitize
Can be used to aerate wort or must while making the initial transfer to fermenter
High Temperature Resistant
Leak Free
No moving parts to clog

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