Ball and Keg

Corny Keg Level Indicator

Stop guessing how much beer is left in your keg. Optimized for Corny and Torpedo kegs.

Corny Keg Level Indicator In Action

Monitor With Ease
Level Detected

The orange bead clings to the keg wall, indicating the current beer level from outside the keg.

Internal Mechanics
Float in View

Inside the keg, the float assembly buoyantly marks the level of remaining beer.

Precision Tracking
Bead in Action

A close-up of the orange bead, showing how it tracks the beer level as it lowers with consumption.

Know Your Keg Level At All Times

The Ball and Keg is the first and only device that is designed to accurately and instantly provide continuous liquid level for your Cornelius/Torpedo keg. It is simple to use, economical, and completely accurate.

Full Kit - $19.99
1 float assembly
1 black magnet
3 orange indicating beads
Additional Floats - $17.99
1 float assembly
3 orange indicating beads

Sanitize, Set, and Sip

Sanitize & Drop

First, sanitize the Float Assembly to ensure cleanliness, then gently place it into your keg.

Grab The Float Assembly

Next, use the Black Magnet to guide the Float Assembly against the inner wall of the keg.

Indicator Placement

Finally, position the Orange Indicator Bead in between the Outer Magnet, then slowly pull away the Black Magnet.

Simple and effective
How It Works

The Keg Level Indicator includes a Float Assembly with an Inner Magnet that rises and falls with the beer level, along with an Orange Indicator Bead that aligns with the liquid level to provide a visual representation of how much beer remains in your keg. This system allows for easy and accurate monitoring, ensuring you can enjoy every last drop of your homebrew.

Ball and Keg | Corny Keg Level Indicator | Diagram
Experience Precision in Action

Learn the simple steps to monitor your brew with our detailed video guide.

Economical Without Compromise

The Ball and Keg Liquid Level Indicator stands out as an economical option, sparing you from investing in costly load cells or flow meters. It operates without the need for programmed electronics or additional resources like warm water for color strips, ensuring a cost-effective solution for monitoring your homebrew keg levels.

Reliability and Convenience
Dependability in Keg Monitoring

Crafted to deliver 100% operational reliability, the Ball and Keg Liquid Level Indicator promises consistent performance without fail. Its seamless integration into any refrigerator or chest freezer makes it a versatile and convenient choice for all homebrewers. With the meticulous engineering and handcrafting in the United States, trust in a product designed to last.

Quality and Safety
Superior Materials for Peace of Mind

With a float made from FDA-approved plastic, the same material used in various food and beverage containers, the Ball and Keg ensures your drink's safety. The bright orange indicator bead offers clear visibility, and the device's ability to withstand up to 50 psi pressure pre-carbonation speaks to its superior quality and durability.