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Keg Level Indicator
Ball and Keg - Media 0
Keg Level Indicator - Full Kit - $22.95
  • 1 float assembly
  • 1 black magnet
  • 3 orange indicating beads
  • Ball and Keg - Media 0
    Additional Floats - $20.95
  • 1 float assembly
  • 3 orange indicating beads
  • Ball and Keg

    Keg Level Indicator

    Would you like to constantly monitor the liquid level in your homebrew keg? Have you ever had your "Corny Keg" go empty unexpectedly? Have you ever lifted or tilted your keg to determine how much liquid was left, only to stir up the sediment and ruin those last few glasses? Stop guessing and start monitoring your keg level continuously, today!

    The Ball and Keg Liquid Level Indicator is a Patent Pending, revolutionary product that can be used to immediately eliminate the guesswork on any Cornelius style homebrew keg. The Ball and Keg is the first and only device that is designed to accurately and instantly provide continuous liquid level for your keg. It is simple to use, economical, and completely accurate.

    The float is 2" in diameter.

    The indicator bead is 1/4" in diameter and bright orange.

    The float is made of FDA approved plastic.

    This is the same plastic used for many types of food and beverage containers.

    The float can be installed before carbonation and is designed for pressure up to 50 psi.

    What makes the Ball and Keg Level Indicator better?

    It's inexpensive.

    It works 100% of the time.

    It does not require warm water to activate color strips.

    There are no expensive load cells or flow meters to install.

    It does not require you to program electronics.

    It can be used in any style refrigerator or chest freezer.

    Each has been meticulously engineered and hand crafted in the United States