Frequently Asked Questions
Should I sanitize the float before I put it in the keg?

Yes, the float can be sanitized with bleach or other keg sanitizers. You can drop it into the keg with a sanitized spoon or pair of tongs if you don't want to touch it.

Can I use the Ball and Keg Level Sensor in my Keezer style Kegerator?

Yes, if your Keezer is tight on space, install the float and level indicating bead before you carefully set the keg into the chest refrigerator. The level indicating bead can be viewed from the top. You only need a quarter inch of space between kegs for the orange indicating ball to function properly.

Is the plastic used for the float BPA free?

Yes. Polypropylene is one of the plastics that is recommended for food and beverage containers because it is BPA free. For example, Polypropylene is one of the plastics that is widely used to manufacture Baby Bottles. Polypropylene is recognized for heat resistance. As such, it is typically used for any food or beverage container that may be filled while hot.

Can I carbonate my keg at 40 psi with the float installed?

Yes. The float can handle typical force carbonation pressures up to 50 psi.